Clustering Paris and London

The purpose of this project was to explore the cities of London and Paris and see how attractive it is to potential tourists and migrants. We explored both the cities based on their postal codes and then extrapolated the common venues present in each of the neighbourhoods finally concluding with clustering similar neighbourhoods together.

We could see that each of the neighbourhoods in both the cities have a wide variety of experiences to offer which is unique in it’s own way. The cultural diversity is quite evident which also gives the feeling of a sense of inclusion.

Both Paris and London seem to offer a vacation stay or a romantic getaway with a lot of places to explore, beautiful landscapes, amazing food and a wide variety of culture. Overall, it’s up to the stakeholders to decide which experience they would prefer more and which would more to their liking.

Thomas George Thomas

Data Scientist & Data Engineer with interests in Big Data, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and DevOps.