Big Data Analytics

YouTube Analytics Dashboard on Streamlit

Real-Time analytics dashboard generated on input YouTube video. Shows sentiment analysis that can be used to drive up ad-revenue.

Social Media Analytics

Taking a look at data of 1.6 million twitter users and drawing useful insights while exploring interesting patterns. The techniques used include text mining, sentimental analysis, probability, time series analysis and Hierarchical clustering on text/words using R

Olympic History Analytics

Discovering & visualizing various trends in 120 years of Olympic history using R

File Processing: A Comparative Analytics Study

Comparing and Benchmarking popular programming languages and execution engines

Performance Tuning Apache Sqoop

Six definite ways to improve efficiency and reduce load times.

File Processing Comparative Analytics

Determining which programming languages and execution engines are the quickest or the slowest at processing files

Movie Analytics in Spark and Scala

Data cleaning, pre-processing, and Analytics on a million movies using Spark and Scala.