Machine Learning

FBI Crime Reporting Analytics

Analyzed FBI uniform major crimes reporting in every US state and visualized on a Tableau dashboard. A data mining hackathon.

Predicting Hits on Spotify

Predicting hit songs on Spotify by classifying 40,000 songs using various Classification Machine Learning Models

Predicting Patient treatment costs using Machine Learning

Determining insurance and treatment costs based on different features to ultimately build a regression model that accurately predict trends.

Retro Movies Recommender

A Content-based recommendation engine API for movies of the 1900’s built using NLP, Flask, Heroku and Python.

A Tale of Two Cities - Clustering Neighborhoods of London and Paris

Clustering Neighborhoods of London and Paris using Machine Learning

Clustering Paris and London

Clustering Neighborhoods of Paris and London using Machine learning.

Forecasting Healthcare Costs

Predicting the cost of treatment and insurance using Machine Learning.